Wingle allows you to make new friends from all over the world. By choosing any location you want, you can discover people around you and chat for free. If you want, you can get to know people in close distance by filtering and make new friendships with them.
Decide how you interact with the users you meet with the video chat and friend add features!
General use
Meet new people with the filter options, you can choose from the Discover Wingle screen!
Set your gender, age and distance as you want and expand your circle of friends. According to the filter options you have made, you can send friend requests to the users you come across or you can skip them. The user you meet can be a beautiful woman or a handsome man. All you have to do is swipe it to the right or send a friend request with the help of buttons.
If the person you sent the request to accepts you, you will be matched and you can start chatting for free.
Wingle connects all users from all over the world, regardless of social class, and allows them to chat.
You can interact with men or women using the random video chat feature. If you match a random video chat feature with a user you don’t know, you can send him a friend request. You can video chat for free with users who accept your friend request.
You can discover all the people in the world by using private chat rooms or random video chat rooms.
Wingle Features
Free Message (Linkee)
Wingle gives you 5 free messages per day. With these 5 Linkee, you can send a message to your new girlfriends you like, like, and fall in love with, or you can evaluate by sending them to all single women, men and people you can flirt with.
Video chat!
You can call the people you added as a friend with the video chat feature and you can transfer your feelings live.
Video chat privately in single chat rooms and enjoy free messaging.
Random Video Chat
Match new people and connect with them in live video by swiping left on the home screen. You can also message and send friend requests to all users with whom you have started a video chat at the same time.
Tips for Interaction
If you’re interested in the user you’re meeting, send him a Linkee where he can discover you. Remember, the first interaction is always important, so take advantage of 5 free messages when sending Linkee to users you want to match and make friends with.
Wingle terms of use
Wingle is a free chat and dating site. You can sign up for this dating app for free and text for free. But don’t forget, it’s home to +18 mature men and women. You must be over 18 to use Wingle for free.
Wingle hosts users from all over the world without limitations. Meet all people regardless of ethnicity or social discrimination, such as widows, handsome men, single women, young girls.
The user you come across can be your new lover, new friend, new wife. So follow the community guidelines.

Follow the Wingle community guidelines. Be careful not to engage in hot behavior such as sexuality and nudity. Download the free dating site now to discover all these features. Making new friends is not difficult anymore. Wingle, the new dating program, includes all these features and more. Download and register this chat site to use free video chat and free dating app now!
Become a part of the warm and friendly dating site. Download for free and join us now to discover all these free chat, video match, dating app features and more.

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