Welcome to Sweet Pea, the purpose driven dating app designed to make meeting online feel more like meeting IRL. Think of us like your local hang out spot – a community filled with good conversations, interesting people, and a few friends by your side ready to step up and be your wingman.

Meeting new people on Sweet Pea is less about swiping and more about starting conversations to get to know people. Ask and answer questions, comment on fun facts, or reply to wingman videos to start conversations. Sweet Pea users have found that thoughtful or funny first messages are 3x more likely to get a response vs. a quick right swipe. Our community focuses on quality, not quantity, so that slowing down and having a real conversation (and swiping less) is the norm, not the exception.

Q&A’s make it easy to create a great profile that shows the real you and makes getting to know people easy. Have fun telling your story, your way with photos, video stories, fun facts, “My Life in One GIF” and so much more.

Wingman: they say friends are the real authenticity test. Send your inner circle a “wingman” and they can answer funny, sincere, or heartfelt questions through short video collages on your profile that help matches get to know you, strike up a conversation, and see why you’re a catch.

FREE to use and ad-free. An option to become a VIPea to get unlimited matches and more helps us continue to improve and makes your experience even sweeter.

Icebreaker Questions help the conversation get started.

More safety features than most dating apps ensures that Sweet Pea remains a welcoming, inclusive, and safe community.

Your data is always protected. We believe and respect that dating is personal, and unlike other dating apps, we do not sell your data.

Questions, concerns, requests? Our team is here for you: [email protected].
Terms of Use: http://sweetpea.co/terms
Privacy Policy http://sweetpea.co/privacy

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