Earth: In the not so distant future…. Today is your first day of training, pay attention and do not disappoint your instructor.

Sky Fighter is a powerful and sophisticated combat armor, equipped with an air propulsion and powerful combat systems, in this first adventure your personal instructor, Lt. Rita Velasco, will teach you everything you need to control your Sky Fighter, complete your training and try not to destroy your armor.

Once you have completed your training, fly through the assault course, dodge the missiles, destroy all the drones and combat robots.Collect as many energy coins as you can to improve your armor skills.

Only the best will survive.

Sky Fighter: Training Day is a great game that leaves you wanting more – VR Heads

SkyFighter Training Day is an Endless Flying action game that put your reactions to the test! -DayDream District.

This game was really cool!- VR Bites.

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