Develop your creativity through the unique interactive approach of AR drawing, photo editing, and gamification. We have merged AR and AI together to speed up your learning experience and make it more entertaining. SKETCHAR is for creators and those who have always wanted to create something but never been able to. Here are the unique features that can only be found on the SKETCHAR app: 1. AUGMENTED REALITY for drawing Through your smartphone camera, you can see an AR sketch on the surface in front of you. Just take a pencil and follow the virtual lines on the paper step-by-step. This function is also employed by professional artists to scale sketches onto surfaces like walls. 2. AI PORTRAITS Turn your photos into illustrations with just one tap. Now your smartphone can do the same things that professional artists do when making their art. 3. MINI-GAMESTrain your creativity and other useful skills with an interactive approach in awesome mini-games.4. COURSES with drawing lessons Choose your favorite among a variety of step-by-step lessons. You can start with a beginner set or delve deeper into a specific topic to improve your artistic skills, for example, in creating portraits or anime. Learn to draw animals, cartoons, anime, graffiti, and lots of other cool stuff. 5. DRAWING TOOL with a step-by-step guide. If you don’t have a paper sheet to try out our main feature, you can practice with the help of a drawing tool. The great thing is that the app provides you with the right tool at every stage when you need it (a pencil, marker, or brush). 6. PLATFORM for sharing Share your achievements with your friends. A time-lapse video of each of your creative processes is automatically saved in your app profile. 7. NFT for all cool artworks.—- FOR CORRECT DETECTION, PLEASE FOLLOW THE TIPS: – Find a well-lit environment. Every AR technology requires a sufficiently bright room. – Remember to use a clipboard, etc., otherwise, your piece of paper will move as you sketch. – Don’t shake your smartphone. — In-app purchases: SketchAR offers three paid auto-renewable subscription options that give you unlimited access to the app’s premium content and features. 1 Month Subscription – $9.99 / Month 1 Year Subscription with 3-Day Trial – $34.99 / Year 1 Year Special Offer Subscription – $49.99 / Year Prices may vary across countries. Prices are equal to the value that Google’s Play Store Matrix determines as the equivalent of the subscription price in USD. We are always interested in your opinion, so please email us at [email protected].

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