Dear shareVOXians,

We’ve become aware of issues with the shareVOX app, relating to the recent update to Google’s Cloud Anchor API. We’re currently reviewing the app and we’ll provide an update once these issues can be resolved. This may take some time, so we apologise and thank you in advance for your patience!

We hope to get you all creating magical voxel art again in the near future.



shareVOX – Create cubic 3D masterpieces wherever you go.

Edit your AR voxels with friends in multiplayer and revisit your creations at any time. Export out 3D models to 3D print or modify in VR and AR applications.


– Simple to use real world 3D voxel editor tool
– Expand playspace size and resolution
– Add, subtract and colour voxels
– Switch between spray and tap mode for finer control
– Enable and disable axis’ to create voxels
– Rich colour pallet
– Share room code with friends to invite new users
– Edit voxel models together in multiplayer augmented reality
– Export to FBX, and return to your model at any time

Developed by PHORIA as a proof of concept of what is possible with Google’s new multi-user augmented reality ARCore cloud anchors.

Please note,
– You must download ARCore 1.2 to this device
– You must be on Android 7.1 or above

We appreciate feedback from the community to help us evolve these tools to unlock new forms of creative expression.

Now get voxing!

From the imagination of PHORIA.IO

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