– free messenger with file storage for students and teachers. Chat with each other and share files. No mobile number needed. is GDPR-compliant. Upgrade your to pro for helpful tools like the calendar and survey module.

NEW: No additional app required for using pro. Just unlock pro modules in your regular app.

Messenger like WhatsApp and others are indispensable standards nowadays. Particularly adapted for working and communicating within educational establishments. Communicate with ease with your teachers, students, classmates or parents. Share files with each other or make a date arrangement with other members of your

Ever since the implementation of the GDPR, educational establishments like public or private schools are not allowed to use messengers that aren`t GDPR-compliant.

The solution: combines common messenger functions with a file storage to form a data protection compliant communication platform. You don‘t even need a mobile number to sign in. Teachers will benefit from a clear separation between private and professional communication and the protection of their privacy.

More advantages for using the free

– available for any device (Tablet, PC, Smartphone)
– Multistage authorisation system (students, teachers, parents)
– Informations, documents, files available everywhere with the mobile app
– Saves expenses for paper, printing inks and photocopies
– Sharing papers, tests, homework and others with your students without effort.

Function of the free basic version of

-Single and group chats: Students get the possibility to exchange their questions and thoughts about homework, training material, test results and others. Teachers can chat with their colleagues about tutorials or students. Parents can be informed about the performance level of their children or get in contact with the school administration.
– Channels: New members can be added every time to a channel.
– Private and shared file storage: Every member has a private file storage, where personal documents, videos or worksheets can be stored and shared with other members.
– Teaching materials are availlable everywhere for students, parents and teachers. Preparing lessons was never that easy! Parents share documents like consent forms for class outings and projects at any time. School administrations can send newsletters, informations and other messages at everyone in no time and without effort.

In addition to the basic functions of the free it is possible to unlock many more functions and modules as part of the pro. Personalize your considering your own needs.
To purchase the schul.cloudpro and unlock all the wanted functions and modules please contact [email protected] or call heinekingmedia GmbH: +49 (0) 511 – 67 51 90. You can also get in contact with us via

Additional functions of the pro:

– Pro basic module: Administrators can establish individual user groups with own channels for messaging or share informations with a group without reply function.
– Importing lists and sharing informations with other education institutions is possible.
– Every user account contains 1GB memory space.
– Pro calendar module: Appointments for parent conference days, tests or deadlines for homework, presentations and more can be published and shared with everyone or kept private as a personal reminder.
– Pro survey module: Appointment inquiries for school festivities can also be handled with the survey module as simple tests on a question-answer basis.

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