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We shop around for everything else in our lives, why not prescriptions? Because it’s too confusing and pricing isn’t transparent. Rx Savings Solutions helps simplify the confusing pharmacy experience by providing pharmacist-approved, proactive prescription advice that delivers the best health and benefits experience at the lowest cost.

Rx Savings Solutions is free benefit provided by your employer or health plans. You can use our app to:

• Save Money
Rx Savings Solutions searches your past claims for savings opportunities, and sends you a personalized text or email any time you could be paying less. You can also search for real-time pricing on any drug, taking into consideration your specific health plan information and local pharmacies.

• Make Better Healthcare Decisions
Rx Savings Solutions makes it easy to compare prescription costs or find clinical alternatives, empowering you to make more informed decisions about your health.

• Get Pharmacy Help
Rx Savings Solutions helps you find a pharmacy, provides personalized letters to assist in prescription change conversations with your prescriber, and offers 1:1 assistance with our certified pharmacy technicians. It’s like having a pharmacist on call to answer your most difficult questions.

Because Rx Savings Solutions works directly with your employer or health plan, it’s easier for you to save money. We already know your claims history and your pharmacy insurance information and we will actively monitor your current prescriptions for savings opportunities. Because of this, we can tell you exactly what your prescription will cost – before you get to the pharmacy.

Our solution looks at ALL potential savings opportunities – not just price shopping. We are your pharmacy advocate, and our mission is to help you and your family save money on their prescriptions. On average, our members save $300 per year!

Check out how some of our members are saving:
“I have high deductible health insurance and I was paying about $170/month for my wife’s prescription. When I discovered we had the Rx Savings Solutions benefit, I contacted them and was able to find a significant discount. The next month, they contacted me to tell me they had found even more savings, bringing the total down to $27/month, a savings of $143 a month!”

“Thank you so much. This prescription savings program has been just wonderful. My most expensive prescription had climbed up to $126 out of pocket for me EACH MONTH!  By using Rx Savings Solutions, that cost is now down to about $54 per month!” 

Want to learn more? Visit our web site at Need assistance? Reach out to our certified pharmacy technicians at 1-800-278-4476 or at [email protected].

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