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“I want to start running but it is hard to start.. there is no much information.”
“Running alone feels more tired, I feel like give up more quickly.”
“I cannot run that much longer.. No much stamina make me exhausted fast.”

Lack of information, Unsteady plan, Physique management, Going on a Diet
All this problem will be gone together with RunDay.

[Why RunDay?]

▶ 100% Full-voice training
eling like you’re running with your own trainer, although you’re starting running for the first time, you can finish the 30 minutes running with RunDay trainer.

▶ Various customized running plan
RunDay provides 30 mins running for beginners (24 days course), interval training (6 days repeat), Everyday 30 mins running (everyday repeat), Free running (users customizing running), and challenge running.

▶ Sound mixing system
You can concentrate in running with the suitable music for your running intensity. You can also listen to the music that you want through the music streaming application.

▶ Supports Stretching and Muscle training
RunDay provides stretching and muscle training menu for the users. For your healthy running life, it is most important to do stretching before and after the running.

▶ Shoes management
Have you known that running shoes also have lifespan?
RunDay provides management service for your running shoes in more easy and comfortable way. It is important to care about yours shoes for safe running routine.

▶ Transverse mode
RunDay provides transverse mode, even if you’re running with the arm band, the left and right transverse mode would make you feel comfortable while you’re running.

▶ Add RunDay Friends
Add your RunDay Friends and check the friend record.
Push alarm will send when your friends start running.
You can motivate your friends with the cheer up message when they are running.
Don’t be sad that you could not send the motivation message, you can like the friend’s record.

▶ Smartwatch compatibility
You can share the workout data through the connection of Smartwatch

* Solve your diet with RunDay!*

※ Access authority guide for using RunDay

Access authority below is required to use the app.

[Required Access authority]

1. Location Authority (location authority for current device) : This authority is required when you’re doing workout using the data from Wi-fi or base station.

2. Authority to use photographs, media file : This authority is required to save the data in the storage.

3. Authority for Making and managing Phone calls : This authority is required to receive the phone calls while you’re running.

4. Physical activity authority: This is the authority required to measure the number of steps and awareness of movement.

5. Voice Recognition Access : Permission is required to find slang for voice messages.

[Android 6.0 or higher] Settings > Application management > Select the app > Authority > Select consent or withdrawal of access authority

[Android 6.0 or below] Upgrade the operating system to withdraw the authority or delete the app.

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