Ruangguru provides access to learning videos designed by experienced Master Teachers and has been adapted to the national curriculum, updated practice questions, private tutor messages, tryouts, and much more you can do only from a smartphone. Available for various levels, from SD, SMP, SMA, SMK and preparation or college entrance selection tests such as UTBK, UM, PTS, PAS

• ruangbelajar
Learning becomes more fun with a variety of animations. There are hundreds of learning videos, practice questions, and summaries with infographics that make it easier for you to absorb the material. All of which have been designed by a very experienced master teacher.

Ruangbelajar features

– Animated Learning Videos
Watch animated learning videos with subjects taught by our master teacher. These videos can also be downloaded to the smartphone storage to save internet quota.

– Tryout exercises with Explanation
There are related quizzes at the end of the learning videos to assess students’ understanding of the materials that has been presented previously. The results of this quiz, along with the complete discussion, can be accessed immediately.

There is also a new feature called ADAPTO. This is the only adaptive learning video in Indonesia that can be adapted to your understanding. The Adapto feature provides direct answer choices regarding your understanding of the material being studied.

– Summary infographics
You can download the discussion at the end of the learning video in the form of infographics to save in your smartphone storage.

– ruangbelajar for Desktop
Ruangbelajar is also available for Desktop and you can access it using your favorite PC/Laptop. Learning is more exciting and fun with the Ruangguru Super App

– Learning Playlist
It is the latest feature containing a collection of learning videos that have been sorted and adapted to your needs. Every week, you will get a special Learning Playlist recommendation from Ruangguru. There will be several playlists available, and you can choose the playlist that best suits your needs.

– Pet Mission
It is a feature for those of you who like online games. Pet Mission is your learning buddy at Ruangguru which is adapted from endangered animals in Indonesia: the Komodo dragon, the bird of paradise, and the Sumatran tiger. The more often you complete missions, the faster your learning buddies will evolve.

There are also various services from Ruangguru’s best online tutoring that you can try.

• Brain Academy
A place for tutoring that combines offline & online learning with the best Star Master Teacher.

• Brain Academy Online
Online tutoring with scheduled Live Teaching and homework clinics for consultation.

• English Academy
Interactive online English course with international standard teachers and curriculum

• ruangles
Private tutoring for various subjects or skills to improve your ability to become an expert in any field with the best teachers.

• ruanglesonline
Discuss your questions in minutes via live chat with the best tutors selected by ruangguru

• ruanguji
Online tryout service from Ruangguru’s best online learning application for self-examination preparation.

• ruangbaca
Ruangguru blog with information about various subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, as well as study tips and available scholarships.

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