Welcome to PocketPatient™, the end-to-end patient engagement app created for Modernizing Medicine® patients and providers.

PocketPatientTM is a mobile, fully-functional patient engagement app that can help both patients and providers save time. Patients can access telehealth and information, and push notifications can keep them up to date on primary medical concerns. Practices with Premium Patient Connect can take advantage of 24-hour online check-in, expediting intake paperwork. It can also help providers treat patients on the go.

PocketPatient Patient Benefits:

– Chat allows you to communicate with your healthcare team.
– Request prescription refills from your phone.
– Access your medical records on the go.

PocketPatient Provider Benefits:

– Allows patients to access their healthcare records directly.
– Communicate with patients.
– Access patient information stored in EMA® from your phone.
– Lab and test results can be accessed by patients.

Use your existing Patient Portal username and password to log in. For log in assistance, please contact your physician’s office.

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