Calling Creatives, Thinkers, Makers and Seekers!
We meet each other for friendship, dating and collaboration on the KindraConnect app and at events.

People on KindraConnect include artists, musicians, performers, gamers, entrepreneurs, crafters, healers, travelers, storytellers, poets, meditators, yogis, activists, and people who are part of the Burning Man, plant medicine, cannabis, psychedelic, crypto, festival, EDM, anime, sex positive, kink, cosplay, meditation, yoga, polyamorous, genderqueer, book lovers, animal rights, trans, NVC, vegan, tantra and other aligned alternative communities.

KindraConnect is bringing together people who share the values of authenticity, kindness, creativity, play, and personal growth. By declaring our shared values, we are creating a container for people to connect, interact and communicate with kindness, respect, playfulness, thoughtfulness, openness, and consent.

KindraConnect is open to all genders, sexual orientations, relationship orientations, religions and life stages.


Kindra is a word that we made up because it suggests kindred, kindness, kin and kind, all things that are important to us. “Be Yourself. Discover Kindred Spirits,” celebrates our values of authenticity, kindness, and deep connections.


Our app is designed to go beyond the selfie and celebrate the multi-faceted uniqueness of each person! We like to say: “Get Your Weird On,” as we celebrate all our wonderful weirdness.

KindraConnect profiles help tell your story. Profiles are composed of two parts:

Portraits: your portraits or selfies at the top of your profile
Collages: 5-11 boxes where you highlight different aspects of your life and worldview.

For each collage box, first you select a theme such as perfect day, passions, personality, values, sexuality, sports, wellness, spirituality, fun, and more. Then you share about that theme. Click on “theme inspirations” for prompts and ideas.

Then riff, respond, and reflect on that theme using:
• photos with captions
• memes with captions
•. video with captions
•. voice / music recordings
•. graphical text


We have two ways for you to find people.

First, you can see everyone who matches your preferences, with the people at the top of the feed being those who have most recently visited the app.

Second, you can search using the same themes you used to create your collage, including: arts, mind, fun, work, home, dreams, childhood, and more. This lets you to focus on those attributes most important to you as you look for someone with whom you really resonate.


On KindraConnect, you can send a first message to anyone on the app. Specific messages are more likely to get a response: comment on or ask a question about something in their collage.

You can also start the connection by Favoriting someone. When you Favorite someone, that person receives a notification that someone has Favorited them. They then can go to their Favorites section to see that you have Favorited them. Either of you can then send a first message!


In the events section, we list parties, gatherings and workshops we think you would like, and where you can meet each other. We also host KindraConnect virtual gatherings to create space for people to more organically meet each other, and to grow, learn and play. Our recent events have focused on communication practices (nonviolent communication/radical honesty), ethical nonmonogamy (Polytalk), and dating (Dating Support Group/Calling in “The One(s)).”



We hope you will help us build this community of people with shared values.


Inspired by Burning Man values and principles, KindraConnect was founded by 14-time Burner Gina Levy.

The KindraConnect app is a product of Kindra Connect, Inc., a digital platform company created to use technology to bring people together to facilitate strong connections and build strong communities.

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