Decathlon Coach helps you take care of your health and get back into shape whatever your goal or level is. You’ll find many free personalised training programmes such as : running, cross-training, yoga, fitness, cardio-training, pilates, walking, strength training and many more.

Follow your on-app performances of over 80 sports.

You’re looking for the best application to practice wherever you are for free ?
Decathlon Coach fits with your goals, challenges you with your favourite sport and offers you effective fitness programmes.
💪. Make progress with our customised exercises which will fit your timetable and level (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
📣. Let the vocal coaching and videos of exercises guide you.
📊. Follow your on-app performances of over 80 sports (running, trail, walking, pilates, yoga, fitness, strength training, cycling, boxing, badminton, etc.).
📲. Decathlon coach will guide you through your practice indoors, outdoors and at the gym. It will offer you over 250 coaching programmes or sessions with or without equipment.
👏. Achieve whichever goal you have : Lose weight, gain weight, burn calories, prepare for a run, strengthen muscles, or just get fit.
🥗. Find the best nutrition advice whether you want to start, progress or implement routines.
🌟. Find the best advice from the community.

Decathlon will guide you all the way : you pick the coaching programme or the on-demand session according to your level and goals.
– RUNNING: Slowly start or go back to running following our level programmes. Or look up for rather goal oriented programmes such as losing weight, speeding up the pace, preparing a run, a marathon or a trail.
– WALKING: Our programmes will fit you whether you prefer fitness, nordic or race walking.
– PILATES: Add pilates to your regular practice or start it as a main sport in order to tone your body and strengthen your muscles.
– STRENGTH AND CROSS TRAINING: Start smoothly with our bodyweight programmes and add weights to level up. Our programmes fit at home or at the gym.
– YOGA: Take time for yourself with our yoga practices. Relax, stretch and tone your body and mind.

Our coaches are here to help you start your sports activity in the best conditions and allow you to make progress at your own pace.
– Create a routine and keep going thanks to our advice.
– Find out about recovery and well-being tips.
– Follow our nutritional advice on top of your sports activity.

Find the history of your sessions and measure your progress over time.
– Look up the statistics of your sessions (time, course, calories burnt, etc.).
– Record your feelings after each session.
– Map your running course thanks to the GPS.
– Follow-up your monthly or yearly progress thanks to the graphics.

To sum up, enjoy a digital coach for free ! Your coach will help you practice your favourite sports at all levels. Follow the lead and be proud of your progress !

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