Clickitty Cat lives in Greenville and loves to eat fish!
Luckily, the Greenville Fish Factory is just down the road.
Unfortunately, Dog and Bird like to eat the cat’s fish!

Navigate through the streets and gardens of Greenville and figure out how to eat the fish before the dog or bird can get them.

– View the world as a cat and its owner.
– Click to control the cat and explore.
– Solve challenges and puzzles.

– Progress through 32 stages.
— Find the fish.
— Beat the bird.
— Defeat the dog.
— Track the truck.

– Explore in Open Play Mode
— Open environment.
— Search the streets.
— Beat your high score.

– True virtual reality experience.
– 3D spatial audio.
– Simple controls.
– Challenging.
– Immersive.
– Fun!

We hope you enjoy playing Clickitty Cat.

Please leave review feedback so we can make improvements in future versions.

Made with Unity featuring sound effects from

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