In a far future the Humans won’t exist any more they will be transformed into Machines, It started with some little changes…

“Did you remember your first VR glasses? them the contact lenses comes and the Intraocular ones which were replaced by the organic and cibertronic…”

Little by little all the humans were transforming into machines, inmortal machines, but not every human wanted the Technological change, much of them used the biological and molecular advances that were more blessed by the Puritans, The now so-called Aliens.

And where are the Humans who are not Technological nor Alien? If you are reading this is because you are one of these Legendary Humans that don’t want to use any Technological nor biological Improvement in their body. You are good with your own. Are you?

Use the Virtual Reality Mode to feel a surrounding experience With Cardboard, Daydream or other VR Glasses.

DISCLAMER: This game is compatible with Google Daydream if your mobile phone is not compatible with Daydream please download the compatible version:

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