Do you prefer the cheapest, fastest or best reviewed taxi? Compare, select and track your order with 02 Taksi – reliable taxi options through one app.

Download the free app now and enjoy its ease of use!

Easily compare and book Finnish taxi options

We thought it was time to restore order to the taxi chaos.

02 Taksi is a taxi ordering service that brings together several local taxi companies.

Use the app to compare options for your ride and choose one based on the criteria you prefer – price, shortest arrival time or earned reviews. Enter your destination address to get a fixed price for your ride, regardless of traffic jams or other delays.

02 Taksi helps you find a reliable ride. We’re helping tens of thousands monthly customers already, saving time, money and stress. Download the app now and take control of your taxi travels.

How to order with 02 Taksi?

1. Choose your pick-up spot either based on map location, or enter the address.
2. For a fixed price, also enter the destination address.
3. The application then presents available ride options, allowing you to filter between arrival time, reviews and price.
4. Choose your preferred option and book the ride.
5. Your taxi is on its way, track the arrival on the map.

If you’re planning ahead, you can make a pre-booking. It’s equally simple, just select a later pick-up date and time in the order form.

Additional app features:
– Book a van for a larger group
– View your order history and active pre-bookings
– Rate your ride and help improve the service quality
– One-click order by phone. For a quick, personal ordering service, simply call 020230 (1,25 € /per call + 0,049 € / sec (lnc/mpc)) and our customer service will find you a suitable ride for your needs.

The 02 Taksi application’s service network is already available in several areas

We currently operate almost everywhere in Finland. The app covers already 90 % of Finnish population.

If you don’t find a ride for some reason you can call 020230 and let the customer service arrange a ride for you.

We cooperate only with reliable taxi companies

We collaborate with reliable and trusted taxi companies in Finland.

Comfortably get to your destination – 02 Taksi is your universal travel planner!

A taxi will take you straight to where you need to go, without any unnecessary detours or waiting for connections – optimizing the journey to suit you the best.

When you are in unfamiliar places, you can avoid the hassle of using travel planners and public transport – which aren’t always that handy – and instead take the faster, stressless option and just call a taxi.

Your 02 Taksi driver will be your travel planner, and take you straight to your destination regardless of the time of day. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Download the app and order a taxi!

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