The WION news app brings to you some of the best articles, analysis and commentary, and opinion pieces written by news editors and columnists with expertise in their areas.

Fast and accurate updates on the WION news world app will ensure that you find the latest world news updates, breaking news, US top headlines, Hollywood, trending news, and much more on your fingertips.
The WION app is designed especially for Android and iOS devices and enables users to get breaking news and headlines at the tip of your hands.


US & UK Breaking news, world news updates, India, South Asia and latest political issues.

Get engaging and entertaining news stories and photo galleries from Hollywood, Bollywood, lifestyle and theatre space.

Live coverage from news, sports, technology, science and entertainment events.

Get latest international news, all breaking news in real-time, updates and news reports related to top headlines, and developments with the latest images and videos including ground reports from various countries.

Read business news, latest updates from the economy, market and industry from the experts.

Science news, latest discoveries, news and updates about space-related stories, and other discoveries from around the world.

Technology news, gadget and smartphone reviews, apps and social media news and updates.

Have latest updates on international news, viral and trending stories from around the world.


Live TV: Never miss a news update. Watch WION live news channel anytime, anywhere.

Customised home screen: Select sections of your interest to appear on your home screen. You can even reorder them according to your preference of top headlines news and interests anytime.

Next story: Read the next story conveniently by just swiping left.

Share news: Share articles, photos and videos via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, e-mail and SMS text messages by direct sharing or link sharing.

Manage notifications: Select the categories you want to receive notifications for, from world news to international news to technology. You can also select customised time slots to receive notifications.

Mark favourite: You can bookmark articles, videos and photos so that you can later read them in your own time.

Offline reading: You need not worry when you don’t have internet access. Use this feature to read the news even when you are offline.

Videos: Browse through a selection of most informative and entertaining video clips.

Photos: Photo galleries and slideshows on the latest world news, top headlines, entertainment, sports, business, and lifestyle.

Download the official WION app today from Google Playstore and Apple store to get the exhaustive news coverage and breaking news by WION’s large network, and to easily access world news updates, breaking news, today headlines, features, photos, videos from India, South Asia and across the world on your smartphones. The app is built for both — Android and iOS — devices.

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