Paying for prescriptions shouldn’t be painful. Join the millions saving billions with SingleCare, the prescription savings card that saves you up to 80% at the pharmacy!

Create a free account and get an extra $5 off your next eligible refill, plus earn additional bonus savings throughout the year.

Prescription drug prices are rising. Life-saving medications can cost thousands of dollars. If you can’t afford your medications (or simply want to save big on prescriptions), use the SingleCare app to get free coupons that work at all major pharmacies. Find the lowest prices, get free Rx coupons and save on medications at the counter. Whether it’s insulin for diabetes or an asthma inhaler, you can find a free discount coupon using the SingleCare mobile app or on

SingleCare is a prescription savings card (aka a “coupon card”) that provides discounts on 10,000+ prescribed drugs for a sign-up price of $0. It’s always 100% free to use the card. Whether you’re insured, underinsured, or uninsured, you qualify for a reduced rate on prescriptions with SingleCare and our accurate drug pricing tool helps you find discounts on thousands of FDA-approved medications.

Stop overpaying for your prescriptions and start using our free Rx coupons at your local drugstore.

Try SingleCare in 3 simple steps:
1. Search for your prescriptions on the free SingleCare app.
2. Compare discounts on medications at nearby pharmacies and get a free coupon card.
3. Show your coupon card at the pharmacy counter to save up to 80% on your medication.

Remember, you can always use the card again for a discount on your next refill!

SingleCare Features:

$0 User Fee
•With a prescription from a medical professional, you can get SingleCare prescription savings cards for free.
•All customers at participating pharmacies can use our prescription drug coupons
•It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, nurse, patient, pharmacist—if you take medication, we have coupons for you.
•There are no strict eligibility requirements or limited-time offers.

Loyalty Program
•Sign up for our free loyalty program providing access to lower cost medications.
•Receive an extra $5 off your next eligible prescription fill when you join!

Easy Refills
•Reuse coupon cards on all refills!
•Use the Drug Basket feature to save your prescription coupons for quick savings on future refills. Think of it as a virtual pillbox!

Prescription Discount Finder
Enter your zip code on the app to find a participating pharmacy near you. We partner directly with thousands of major pharmacies nationwide, including:
– CVS Pharmacy at Target
– Walmart
– Walgreens
– Kroger
– Albertsons
– Rite Aid
– Longs Drugs
– Sav-On Pharmacy
– Fry’s
– Harris Teeter
– Wegmans
– Meijer
– H-E-B

More ways to save:
1. Ask for a prescription. To use our coupons, a medical care professional must prescribe the medication. You can still save money on vitamins, natural health supplements, and over-the-counter medicine as long as you have a script for it!
2. Go generic. Generic meds are cheaper than brand names. Ask your healthcare provider if a generic version of your prescription is available.
3. Buy in bulk. Fewer refills = fewer copays. Fill a 90-day supply instead of a 30-day supply to save more in the long run.
4. Shop around. Enter the drug name and dosage on our app, and enter your zip code to compare costs at local pharmacies. If you don’t see your exact med on the app, you can still take our prescription drug discount card to the pharmacy and they can look up if there is a SingleCare offer available.

SingleCare has been featured on CNN, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Healthline, Yahoo! Finance and Bustle. Start saving on your prescriptions today!

By downloading SingleCare, you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions found at

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