Enjoy the city with MARTI!

Martı; the electric scooter rental solution, is the most enjoyable, fast and eco-friendly way of travel in your city.

Martı is now in your city with its technology and all its fun so that you won’t need to wait for the next available shuttle, walk 15 minutes to your house from the bus stop, or hassle to catch the minibus. Martı, the MOST ECO-FRIENDLY way of travel is offering you an affordable and fun travel experience anytime, anywhere.

Martı is easing your urban lifestyle with its in-house smart vehicle tracking technology and electric vehicles for share. Download Martı Scooter now and join the Martı team!

How to use Martı?
1. Download the Martı Scooter app!
2. View the Martı Scooters around you on the map and go next to the one you choose
3. Press the START button in the app, scan the QR code of the Martı Scooter and unlock it
4. Start enjoying your ride with Martı Scooter
5. Once you’ve finished your ride, park and lock Martı Scooter safely and responsibly, take its photo and end your ride

When can you use Martı ?
You can use Martı whenever and wherever you want. Don’t forget to follow the traffic laws and abide by the rules for a safe experience!

Which cities can you ride Martı ?
For now, Martı Scooters are available in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, Antalya, Balıkesir, Kocaeli, Yalova, Eskişehir, Sakarya, Ordu, İskenderun, Çeşme and Çorlu.

Do you want Martı in your city? Or do you have some suggestions that you want to share with us? You can reach us from [email protected]

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