Jenius has a new look to celebrate its fifth anniversary!
Jenius application now comes with a simple interface, so that more than 3,000,000 Jenius users can get more personalized banking services to manage their finances and lives in their own way.
For account activation, you can still do it anywhere, via video calls.
What’s new in the Jenius app?
1. Screen bottom navigation
Simpler access to various Jenius features through one button and four new pages that will make it easier for you.
2. Mobius button
One Mobius button in the middle of the bottom navigation of the screen to help you access 6 features faster:
– Move Balance
– Scan QRIS
– Pay Bills
– Collect Money
3. Home
The first page you see after logging in, contains the latest information about your financial activities including Active Balance information (Rupiah and foreign currencies), shortcut buttons for transactions, and financial report insights.
4. Wealth
Managing all your money is now easier and more practical on the Wealth page which is divided into three main menus:
– Cash
– Investment (coming soon)
– Credit, contains FLEXI CASH, a standby fund for you.
Some of the features that you can access from the Cash menu:
– SAVE IT helps you to open savings/deposits via
FLEXI SAVER : 3 flexible savings to allocate money based on your needs
DREAM SAVER : 5 savings to help you make dreams come true
MAXI SAVER : Open as many deposits as you want from your smartphone
5. Cards
You can manage your Jenius Debit Card more easily from the Cards page.
From setting balances and shopping limits, blocking/unblocking cards, creating new cards, everything is possible! Jenius Debit Cards (m-Card, e-Card, and x-Card) can be used throughout the Visa network.
6. Profile
Profile page makes it easy for you to access and view personal information such as account numbers and $Cashtags. You can also switch to a Jenius BUSINESS ACCOUNT more easily, just click and hold the Profile button at the bottom of the screen to switch accounts conveniently.
Your favorite features such as SPLIT BILL, PAY ME, MONEYTORY, IN & OUT, E-STATEMENT, JENIUS PAY, and JENIUS QR can now be accessed more easily.
You can also still pay electricity bills, buy credit, pay for internet and buy/sell 7 foreign currencies on the Jenius app.
Besides the new look, there is another surprise from Jenius. It is “Berani Lebih Hemat” offer that gives discount up to Rp500.000 for those of you who want to invest, shop online, and use telemedicine services with Jenius.
Jenius is a digital banking and part of PT Bank BTPN Tbk. that is registered and supervised by OJK (Indonesia Financial Services Authority) and guaranteed by LPS (Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation), so Jenius is safe.
Find out more about this new way of banking at and start a new, better life with Jenius.
Simpler Life, Happier You

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