Still because of language barriers, is it an obstacle to tasting food?
Still unable to enjoy local cuisine because of unfamiliar traffic,
Still thinking about the taste of home because I am living in a foreign country?
With the Cambodian single-point app, it will all be a thing of the past!
Multilingual translation system, making language no longer an obstacle.
You can easily order the most delicious meals from thousands of restaurants. We will get the food you love delivered fast, right to your door.
A variety of restaurant cuisine, you can always get what you want, Western food, Chinese food, Japanese cuisine, only you can’t think of it, no you can’t find it.
Show your favorite takeaway /restaurants near you by address
Order for delivery to your door or collection – you can even pre-order before a restaurant opens
Collect loyalty credits and redeem it easily
Pay online or Cash on delivery
Show order status at any time
E-GetS make life easier!Enjoy Easy Life!

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