Dive into the comics, enjoy an immersive VR Comic(VR Webtoon),
Experience new VR Comics(VR Webtoons) drawn by famous Comic(Webtoon) artists.
** This app can run on smartphones that support Daydream. **

* List of currently featured works
– Ghost Apartment – Oh Chang-Ho
– Love Monorail – YK Yoon/ Noon Bora
-  The Wizard Living Next Door – Haring
-  Catch the Landmark Swindler – JiwooKim
-  The Wihte Tiger – Jeong Sukho
-  Princess sunshine and secret herbs – Baksa
-  Jik-Nye’s adventure on stars – Neuri, Yuil
-  Stigma – Golden Pumpkin
-  Snow White – Maru
-  Hotduck Imagine – Hotduck
-  Tears, The Glare – Nanbin
-  The High School’s No.1 – JiwooKim
-  BwootNori – Baik Sung Min
-  Stalker – Parksungyong
-  Youra – Youra
-  Walk the Alley – Choi, Hochul
-  On the Mars – Wanj
-  Welcome to Convenience Store – Ji Gang Min
-  Jeong-amjin – Ko, il-kwon
-  Zenyu360 – Zenyu

* There’s more to come!
Also, a 2D-based VR content, such as illustrations and folk tales, is on the way to be provided.

If you face any queries or problems while using our app,
please contact us via [email protected] or http://facebook.com/comixv
For requesting proposals and/or partnerships, please email us at [email protected]

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